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Should Maranello be your next vacation destination?

When it’s that time of the year for you where you get to just relax and unwind as much as you can, a new adventure might just be what you need to really enjoy yourself. Vacation times are mostly spent doing the same old clichéd things and going to places you’ve been a couple of times already. For anyone looking to change that cycle of events, this is just the thing for you.
Maranello is a town situated in Northern Italy in the Emilia-Romagna region and if you don’t know about this place you are in for quite the treat.

We’re going to list and highlight some of the top attractions and adventures you can get to experience when you’re visiting this great little city in Italy.

Activities to do in Maranello

1.    The Ferrari Hire Experience

This just had to be at the very top of the list as it should be on anything about top attractions in Maranello. This city is home to the one and only Ferrari, globally acclaimed for their posh line of cars as well as the Scuderia Ferrari F1 racing team.
As such, the city is stocked with entities such as the Ferrari Museum and the casa enzo ferrari which pay homage to the history of the Ferrari franchise and the creator and founder of Ferrari himself respectively.
To top it off, this being the native home of Ferrari, guests and tourists touring the region can get the opportunity of engaging in a Ferrari test drive. The experience is thrilling and nothing comes quite close to it as many have proclaimed.

2.    Visiting The New Town Library

Many might be baffled by the inclusion of this particular entity but trust us it is well worth it. This library is a piece of modern artistic and architectural genius that was created by two very prominent architects; Andrea Maffei, a native Italian and world renowned Japanese architect Arata Isozaki. It is a captivating piece of design well worth your time when you’re in this town for a tour.

3.    Visiting Porto Venere

This modest village boasts of some of best the cultural heritage Italy has to offer. It is part of a series of villages that are now connected by rail as well as the traditional footpath along the coasts. It is a hidden gem in this city of Maranello since it and the series of villages mentioned are home to a number of historic landmarks and buildings some which can be dated all the way to the early 13th century.

4.    Having fun at the Lago Parco Zoo

If you’re travelling with the family including the ever active and fun loving kids, this is one place you’ll want to stop by. It is an amazing amusement park that features all manners of recreational activities that can be enjoyed wholesomely by the entire family. From the many kinds of rides, the animal enclosure zoo section, café and restaurants, it is sure to be an ideal way to pass the time.

5.    Sampling all authentic Italian cuisine

The commune of Maranello being situated within the greater Emilia-Romagna region means you have to try out and sample the various dishes and foods Italy is known for. Widely considered as being close to being called the true food capital of the world, means that the food here is the real deal.

With that in mind you can be assured the chance to sample authentic Italian made ham, cheese and wine all sourced from within that very region. The greater Emilia-Romagna region is also home to quite possibly the tip of the echelon in gastronomy and that in turn means new and exciting dishes you’re sure to have never sampled before.

6.    Visiting the Montegibbio castle

Now this part of the city offers a glimpse into what medieval Italy looked like. The castle also holds quite the tale of history pertaining to some Italian nobles that have been mentioned throughout the embers of Italian history and the struggles and fights and many successions it has seen throughout the years.

7.    The Museum of Luciano Pavarotti

Luciano Pavarotti is undoubtedly one of the most well recognized Italian artistes of all time. With a career spanning decades creating a number of memorable music, this museum is dedicated to this Italian great. Here you can view some of the costumes he wore while preforming, read up on a more detailed history of his as well as view rare photographs and other personal items that belonged to him.


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