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Your car plays a fundamental role in your life. So many times, we take it for granted, but those who have been unfortunate to experience a breakdown or any sort of malfunction that prevents them from using it, perhaps having to wait for days with their cars at the garage, until the replacement piece arrives or the repairment can get to fix it, will know for sure how important their car is to their lives. Vehicles are fundamental for getting around and doing our daily things, going to work, picking up our children, visiting others, buying stuff... Proceeding with our daily routines without our car is difficult and obnoxious, and in many cases very expensive if we need to hire taxis or some other form of private transportation. So you should take care of your car, and that means taking it regularly to a garage for a routine checkout.

It is also very important to identify early signs of malfunction. Sometimes big problems start out small and then increase over the passing of time. At the beginning, repairs are very simple, and sometimes won't even need any replacement pieces, just some tuning here or there. However, if you let them slip, the problem will get worse and worse when you use your car, and pieces will start to wear out until they break completely. Also, malfunctioning systems can affect each other negatively, for example a problem in refrigeration might make your engine overheat and then develop other problems because of that. 

So in short, you should pay attention to early signs of malfunction and take your car to a garage for an inspection. Perhaps you will go back home with your car that same day and be saved from thousands of pounds in repair expenses and God knows how many days without your car, because you prevented the problem from getting worse.

Is your gearbox down?

Gearboxes are among the core parts of any car, and these pieces failing might mean that you are at risk of an accident or losing control on your vehicle. So you should pay special attention to how your gearbox is doing, and in case you notice something odd, you should take action immediatly to prevent it getting worse. Manual transmissions might seem more vulnerable to breakdown because they are in general older models, but automatic gearboxes can also break or have problems, since they are very delicate and finely tuned pieces of engineery. 

If you drive your car, you will eventually get used to how it works. The sounds and the feel of your vehicle become familiar to you, so when something changes, you should be able to notice. Often, early signs of gearbox problems are sounds like pumps or clanks when swithching gears, and the whole process being less and less smooth. You can feel the difference in the pull of your car and its speed. So you should realize that something isn't working as it should. 

As soon as you detect some of these things happening, you should go to a repairsman and get your gearbox checked. But is it okay to just go to any garage that looks convenient and/or cheap, and drop your car there? Or is there any risk?

Gearbox specialists in Barking

As a matter of fact, gearboxes are among the most complex components of a car. A regular repairsman shouls have a superficial knowledge on how they work and how to detect a malfunction, but in order to get the repair done right you should go to a specialist. There are some garages with great repairsmen, trained and experienced in working with all sorts of gearboxes. Also, good quality and great attention shouldn't mean that you will be charged a lot for the service. There are great providers in Barking that offer the services of skilled people for a very reasonable price.

We like Big LPG in Barking for our gearbox repair because they have lots of specialists in the matter as well as all resources and high tech software needed to diagnose and repair even the finest imperfections in your gearbox. You should get your replacement pieces right away if needed, and get your car back sooner than in most other garages. 

They also offer other mechanical services like LPG conversion and MOTs, so it is a great idea to bookmark their address if you are in Barking, because sooner or later you might make good use of all the excellent services they have to offer.


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