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We know that nothing can beat Italian pasta, pizza or the quality of leather produced by Italians! There is however one other thing that Italy is known for and that is its classic cars! 

The Italian Classic Car Hire is a club of enthusiasts who are crazy over classic, super cars. Cars from the 1980s and the 1990s are a dream for the youth today who have missed or have only seen such cars only in movies. However, you no longer need to wish that it was you in the movie driving your favorite Italian classic car. We at Italian Classic Car Hire are here to make your dreams become a reality.  

The easiest way to drive an Italian classic car

Did you want to own or drive a car during the 80s or the 90s which you couldn’t due to one or the other reasons? We know that the production of such an old model must have shut down and the chances of you getting hands on to them are very less BUT Italian Classic Car Hire is what can make you drive the wheels you always wanted to drive. Come check out how it works and how you can steer to your dream drive.

How it works?

The Italian Classic Car Hire is a club of volunteer members who are car enthusiasts or own a classic car or maybe even a cool sports car! They join and be a part of the club willingly in order to rent out their cars or hire and drive the cars which they have always wanted to. So you as a member can hire one such car which you like and take it off for your special days or a drive through the city.

Features at a glance


Classic beauties to choose from

The range of cars available to hire at the Italian Classic Car Hire is fabulous. It literally takes you into the 80s and the 90s with cars like Peugeot 204 and Lancia Evo.

Offer your car for rent

If you own a classic car then there is no other place like Italian Classic Car hire to rent it out. Earn enough to meet the maintenance cost of your luxurious ride while also chilling out in the weekends. It is not doubt the best investment you can put your car into.

Well maintained cars

Despite being old the engines of these classic cars are like young horses. They are well maintained by their owners and offer you a hassle free drive.

Minimal formalities

The club is restricted to MEMBERS ONLY yet the formalities required to become a member are kept minimal. We encourage more and more members to join in and offer their cars for rent in order to increase our range and availability of classic super cars.

Get engaged and enter the world of classic cars today. All you got to do is to join the club. To know more about our range of cars, events that we organize or the types of memberships, visit our website!


Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

I offered my car for rent after joining the club and the amount of money it is minting excites me. Thanks to the club and its members who love the car. I had a great experience and would definitely share it further. 
By By Wallace E. Caouette

Aston Martin was the car that I always wanted to drive but I couldn’t afford one with my day job. I joined the Italian Car Hire club and rented the car. The experience was crazy to drive that beast.
By Raul S. Tolliver

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